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Welcome to the 2021 Design-Build Conference & Expo Conference Program

Targeted and Timely Design-Build Education

We’re at a pivotal time in our nation’s economic recovery and design-build will play an important role in rebuilding our post-COVID economy, just as it did during the implementation of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Whether you’re an in-person or virtual attendee, you’ll have access to a full program of events. All times listed in this program are Mountain Time.

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Track 1 - As a Matter of Fact . . .

Although design-build has a proven track record of success that is validated through research and case studies, many myths still exist about the delivery method and what it can achieve when Design-Build Done Right® Best Practices are implemented. But as a matter of fact, design-build enhances teamwork and innovation and leads to better project outcomes. Sessions in this track will highlight facts about design-build based on both research and practical application, including a deeper dive on the flexibility of design-build, real-life perspectives on the power of Design-Build Done Right®, and how the right team transcends generational differences.

Track 2 -Beyond Cost & Schedule: DB and Triple Bottom Line Success

Exceptional cost and schedule performance is now a minimum expectation of Design-Build Done Right®. Design-build has evolved to provide impact far beyond these metrics to include the added value that drives triple bottom line success. Sessions in this track will highlight how the teamwork and innovation inherent in design-build can foster environmental stewardship and social responsibility, maximizing long-term value to the project, the team, and the community at large.

Track 3 - Lessons Learned: Ordinary Teams with Extraordinary Outcomes

While a single-point of responsibility contract is the hallmark of design-build, best practices dictate that there are many other important aspects of success. The mental shift to a fully collaborative mindset, process innovation, appropriate risk-sharing, and cutting-edge financing models – all these aspects also hold importance to team success and project outcomes. Using case studies, this track provides examples of what the practical application of Design-Build Done Right® principles looks like, and the results it can produce.

Track 4 -Post-Pandemic Leadership: Navigating the New Normal

The pandemic has validated what we already knew . . . that the AEC industry plays a major role in the well-being of society. From building hospitals in just a few days to donating lifesaving equipment, our industry has played a critical role in responding to the crisis and will continue to play a major role post-pandemic. From the effective utilization of technology to maintaining collaboration and managing labor shortages, to achieving goals with tight budgets – our industry met the challenge. Sessions in this track will hone in on lessons learned that will result in long-term, positive changes to the way we do business, allowing us to make lemonade out of the COVID-19 lemons.

Track 5 - BIM/VDC: The Next Frontier

Similar to a high-performance project or a high-performance team, a highly integrated approach to BIM/VDC implementation will generate significant benefits for all stakeholders in the design and construction process. Sessions in this track will take a closer look at how technology is rapidly changing the way we conduct business, integrate, collaborate and manage our work, and the long-term implications of technology’s influence to project delivery.

Educational Track - Annual Conference:

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