2022 Design-Build Conference & Expo Conference Program

Targeted and Timely Design-Build Education

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TRACK 1: Design-Build Starter Kit

Are you new to design-build, or have limited experience in the application of Design-Build Done Right® best practices? If so, this track is for you. Starting with an overview of the various procurement and contracting approaches and ending with critical updates on design-build legislative authority, this track has everything you need to lay a solid foundation for Design-Build Done Right®.

TRACK 2: “Purpose-Driven” Design-Build

In the world of business, “purpose-driven” organizations align internally on core purposes, allowing them to excel through well-understood decisions and strategies. This same concept applies to design-build. In this track, “purpose driven” Owners and design-build teams highlight how adapting design-build to unique Owners goals, values and culture can drive extraordinary success, including environmental and social aspects. From selecting the right team, to managing expectations, to appropriate incentives, this track will demonstrate how “purpose driven” Owners and teams can exceed even the loftiest expectations.

TRACK 3: Masterclass Team Dynamics

How a team interacts, communicates, and works together has a dramatic impact on the success in meeting its goals. From meaningful engagement of MWDBE firms, to determining the right partners, to organizing information flow – there are numerous aspects that drive successful team dynamics. In this track you’ll gain insight on how well-orchestrated team dynamics can propel design-build teams to be more collaborative, innovative, efficient and responsive, making the teaming experience as memorable as the project.


TRACK 4: More than a Pretty Façade

With design-build approaching 47% of all design and construction, it’s clear that the delivery method has proven its ability to produce exceptional outcomes. But even with such an incredible track record, design-build is not a panacea, and many in the design community have encountered hurdles to successful designer engagement. This track will touch on some of the “tough conversations” that we must engage in to advance the industry and to ensure success for all. Topics such as design quality, risk mitigation, standard of care, contingencies, teaming agreements, and more will be discussed – and even debated. Also in this track you’ll find sessions focused on QA/QC strategies that can help build trust and resolve conflicts.

TRACK 5: The New Frontier: Beyond the Limits

Cost/schedule performance and quality outcomes are minimal expectations of Design-Build Done Right®. In this track you’ll learn how the right data, processes, mentality and leadership can drive unimaginable success for both the project and the team. Sessions will discuss both current strategies to supercharge your design-build project, as well as areas of opportunity that we can – together - seize to take us all to the next level of greatness.

VDC Leadership Exchange - NEW!

While technology is simply a commodity, it’s the integration of these innovative digital tools with people and process that are key ingredients to Virtual Design & Construction (VDC). Together, they enhance design-build team performance and project outcomes across a wide range of project types and diverse market sectors. If you digitize a broken process, you have a digitized broken process. The whole team approach inherent in design-build is the ideal environment for VDC to thrive, especially when an integrated project team of key stakeholders is engaged from the outset.

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