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2023 Design-Build Conference & Expo Conference Program

Targeted and Timely Design-Build Education

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Start Strong, Finish Stronger:
Tips, tools and resources to set the stage for success before shovels hit the ground t

There's no shortage of adages to remind us of the importance of starting strong. The first steps, initial stage, phase one-to achieve success we must start with the end in mind. In this educational track we'll explore the early work-pre-construction and pre-award-and the ways in which project outcomes and success are deeply rooted in how teams navigate these early, initial phases. Join us as we explore the whys and hows of starting strong with practical tools and informative dialogue on how to leverage the start to finish stronger. 


Win, Win, Winning:

A Guide to achieving triple bottom line success and reaping the full benefits of design-build

With a record of success that spans over 30 years, design-build is not a trend, but a trend setter. As we look ahead to what the next 30 years will bring to the industry, this educational track will examine the intrinsic benefits of design-build-innovation, resilience, sustainability and more-and how these core components of best practice have molded the industry's current landscape. Whether it's environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals that help foster and ensure sustainable and innovative outcomes or applying creative problem-solving to make the impossible, possible, this track will take a look back at the core tenants that have made us who we are as an industry to help inform and understand how we can continue to leverage the innate benefits of design-build over the next 30 years. 


Risk & Reward:

Walking the risk management line to maximize your results

They say no risk, no reward, but when it comes to this age old adage, where's the line? How do we take the appropriate measures to mitigate risk while also pushing our teams to collaborate, innovate and coalesce in navigating the right risk(s)? In this track we'll drill down on risk management and mitigation, evaluate how to fortify and secure your practice with regards to risk and outline practical strategies you can implement to walk the risk/reward line successfully in your next project. 


Deal or No Deal: 
How decisions are made in design-build and how to maximize project outcomes through effective decision making

The average human makes about 35,000 decisions a day, and the average design-builder likely makes many more. In this track we'll take a dedicated step back to evaluate the important role decision making and being an effective decision maker play in the design-build industry. How do strong leaders and teams make decisions? How can you build buy-in and rally around difficult decisions? What process(es) do effective decision makers use? These are just a few of the important questions we'll examine in this exciting track. 


Whole in One:

How the strongest teams form and deliver results

The importance of teaming in design-build cannot be understated. The evidence is clear; strong teams deliver results. Join us as we analyze various facets of successful teams-- team integration, trade partner engagement, playing to individual strengths, and more--to understand the value each component adds and how this value is magnified when teams leverage one or more of these core teaming components. Take your team(ing) to the next level with concrete strategies and resources you can apply to get your Whole in One team.



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