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2024 VDCLEx Call for Presentations


2024 Design-Build VDC Leadership Exchange (VDCLEx): Call for Presentations

Closes April 19, 2024


The Virtual Design & Construction Leadership Exchange (VDCLEx) is returning as a half-day preconference event, Tuesday, Nov. 5, at the Design-Build Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas. The VDCLEx will continue to explore how VDC is impacting designers, builders and Owners by enhancing design excellence, increasing quality and productivity, as well as improving lifecycle costs.


Programming for the VDCLEx will include a general keynote session, leaders forum and two specialized tracks: one for experienced VDC professionals on one for non-VDC professionals.

Review our VDCLEx Submission Guidelines prior to submitting a presentation proposal.


What We’re Looking for: At a Glance

DBIA seeks subject matter experts (technologists, practitioners and project Owners) to help build the content for the specialized program that will not only take a deep dive into VDC, but also help educate non-VDC professionals on the value, use and power of VDC to enhance the design and construction processes and outcomes.

VDC Deep Dive – For audiences more versed in VDC, we are looking for session ideas that provide case studies for the integration of technology in design-build and that explore current trends in VDC, such as, but not limited to:

o Describing the future of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, automation and robotics

o Defining collaborative workflows and processes to connect technology

o Exploring BIM use beyond just model authoring and clash detection, such as prefabrication, industrialized construction, safety, estimating, scheduling and reality capture

o Identifying KPIs in leveraging VDC

o Review needed contract language updates to influence better collaboration


VDC for Non-VDC Professionals – For audiences newer to VDC, we are looking for session ideas that provide insight on how leveraging VDC can evolve the traditional business-as-usual approach to the design and construction process:

o Defining the value and ROI of VDC in design-build

o Understanding the importance of including the appropriate BIM/VDC language in your contracts and what the inclusion of topics like a BIM Execution Plan and Level of Development (LOD) mean to the project team

o Illustrating the value of identifying a VDC Leader as part of the design-build team from the outset of projects

o Exploring the opportunity that well-defined model-based deliverables can bring for project Owners post-construction throughout the lifecycle of the built environment

o Outlining how VDC is enabling design-build professionals to better socialize with project teams to drive transparency throughout the design, construction and turnover process

Priority consideration will be given to submissions adhering to these guidelines:

  • One or more presenters must hold a DBIA credential.
  • One or more presenters must hold a DBIA membership.
  • Panels that include multiple project team members (ex., design-builder, Owner, VDC Leader, trade partners)
  • Presentations and panels/speakers that represent a diversity of voices and perspectives (e.g., gender, race, age, disability, market sector, underutilized businesses, geography, etc.) and exemplify the impact of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) on project outcomes.


Content that will not be considered:

  • Self-congratulatory presentations on a project
  • Presentations that provide a sense of commercial/ brand promotion. Presentations that serve to promote a specific product or service will not be considered.
  • Anything that does not precisely relate to the design-build delivery method.


Review our VDCLEx Submission Guidelines prior to submitting a presentation proposal.

Interested in submitting a proposal for our Annual Conference? Review our Call for Presentations submission guidelines.